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Different aluminum stage truss: aluminum stage truss in the snow

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    <P>Different aluminum stage truss: aluminum stage truss in the snow</P>
    <P>When mentioning aluminum stage truss, people’s first impression is “stage lighting rack”, as if aluminum stage truss only with the use of the stage, in order to be accepted and recognized.</P>
    <P>From the very beginning, aluminum stage truss is not called “lighting rack”, it is also known as truss rack. truss rack is a flat or space structure rack, generally square column type. In the WIKI entry, the aluminum stage truss use explained as: “can be used for speaker hanging, outdoor temporary exhibition booths and background skeleton building.”</P>
    <P>In real life, people see aluminum stage truss, indeed, is also used in this way!</P>
    <P>Over time, aluminum stage truss has also been called the world “light frame”. Some light frame manufacturers to highlight its characteristics, it will be called “aluminum alloy light frame” “aluminum alloy frame”, only a few people will call it “aluminum stage truss “!</P>
    <P>After a long time, even the stage truss factory that made the lighting stand is almost forgotten. In fact, there are other uses for light stands, such as the following.</P>
    <P>The silvery-white shine of the truss frame blends in with the snow, and from a distance, it looks like one, not affecting visitors’ sightseeing experience, but also increasing the infrastructure of the scenic spot, so that visitors can have fun!</P>
    <P>To be honest, the first time I saw this picture, did not react to this frame is the light frame, thought it was something else, by the side of the reminder only to know. Know the light frame can also be so used, not only in the outdoor temporary exhibition booth, to the event stage as a shelter from the wind and rain! Knowing that the use of the light frame is not so little in the encyclopedia entry.</P>
    <P>Open up ideas, not only refers to product development, but also the use of products. As an aluminum stage truss manufacturer, Shizhan Group can also open up ideas so that aluminum stage truss can better serve its customers. By the same token, customers can also consult with the manufacturer on the use of aluminum stage truss, such as whether it can be customized to make the right light stand products for their needs.</P>
    <P>If that is the case, aluminum stage truss may no longer be the only common name of “light stand”, there will be more common names. So, do you need a truss stand? If you need aluminum stage truss or a custom light stand, please call Shizhan Group.</P>

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